2013 • The Vyne

Set in the countryside on the fringes of Basingstoke, The Vyne, a former Tudor powerhouse, was originally built by Henry VIII’s Lord Chamberlain, William, 1st Lord Sandys.

In 1653, the house was sold to Chaloner Chute who worked on both modernising the house and also drastically reducing it in size. However, he died before being able to complete his work and the house was left in an unfinished state for several hundred years. In the mid-18th century it was inherited by John Chute, who also significantly altered it, and the property remained within the Chute family until it was bequeathed to the National Trust in 1956.

The Vyne has been a site of constant change over time. Many generations have owned and altered it, social norms have changed and allegiances have been formed and broken. With its opulent interiors and equally rich history, the property has offered a stimulating environment within which to create art and bring stories to life. Its catalogue of owners and occupiers have continually adapted the house and its contents to reflect their lives and interests and it is this accumulated collection of objects, lives and ideas that we are left with today.

For Unravelling The Vyne ten artists have been commissioned to respond to the rich and layered history of the house. Their work tells tales about the evolution of the house: sometimes referencing many of the major historical characters that have connections to The Vyne including King Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Horace Walpole whilst at other times reimagining or creating events that merge time and distort physical realities.

Friday 28 June 2013 – Sunday 22 December 2013.

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John Grayson

Penny Green

Caitlin Heffernan

Sharon McElroy

Lisa Pettibone

Maria Rivans

Matt Smith

Mrs Smith

Alec Stevens

Charlie Whinney